Les D. CrauseYouth

Originally from South Africa, Apostle Les D. Crause was born into a Pentecostal home while his parents were participating in revival. As a child he was actively involved in Sunday School, and as a young teenager he took part in a series of Youth Crusades that began to form in his heart a vision for ministry. At the age of 20 he had an experience with the Holy Spirit at a youth camp that transformed his life and brought the call of God. Prior to finally entering the Pastorate at the age of 28, he had been involved in most local church activities, including Sunday School Teaching, Choir Leader, Deacon, Youth Pastor and others.


Manifesting a powerful Teaching Ministry from the beginning, Les gained experience as a Pastor and Itinerant Teacher of the Word as he traveled, preaching in various different churches, until the Lord led him to leave his denomination and launch out into the Body Universal as a Prophet and the beginnings of  Apostolic Preparation. 


The call to Apostleship began as the Lord spoke to Les personally, in a powerful almost audible voice, telling him to leave the church system and reach out into the Body Universal. This was followed by an open vision of the Lord Jesus, in which He gave Les a revelation of His love and compassion and personally commissioned him to go forth and do the work of an Apostle. Leaving both his denomination and his job, Les began to wait on the Lord for a period covering a total of nine months. During this period he learned more about the realm of the Spirit than he had ever known before. The knowledge that he had accumulated through the years became consolidated into a clear pattern for the Body of Christ, as the Lord told him to rise up and take his place as a General in the Army of God. 


He began to move mightily in the gifts of revelation and prophecy and was a popular speaker at retreats, where the hearers not only hung onto the truths he presented, but experienced the presence of God in such a mighty way that they hailed him as the answer to their prayers for revival. He was led into many different church backgrounds, ranging from extreme legalism to Baptist non Pentecostalism. He ministered to those at varying levels of spiritual maturity, ranging from ordinary church members, to leaders of church organizations. He ministered in large and small congregations, and helped pioneer new works.  


Then began a time of preparation in which the Lord caused him to retreat from public ministry and concentrate on personal mentorship and training. He began to pour everything he had into his immediate family members, who had risen up into adulthood full of the knowledge that he had imparted to them. God also brought others in and there was a price to pay for this. Each person that was being trained was brought to live in the home and learn firsthand in close communication, in a similar way to which Jesus trained His disciples.  

America and Mexico

Having proved all the principles he had been taught, Les and his wife Daphne were then thrust out into the hub of the world that is North America, to set up a place from which ministries could be trained around the world. In fulfillment of a prophetic word given years earlier, in which they were told that they would travel overseas to places they had never heard of, they were unexpectedly given an opportunity to move to Tijuana, Mexico, where they were placed in total seclusion to complete their preparation for the task that God had prepared them for.  

The Internet

After a time of extreme testing and training, they were instructed to begin their ministry on the Internet, reaching out from just south of the US border, to countries around the world. Being isolated from the mainstream churches, they were protected from forces that would have sought to draw them into the status quo church. Because of their powerful ministry in the Word and the Spirit, they were approached by many in the USA, to come and set up a ministry. But God had greater plans for them, and as a result of their confinement to Mexico, they could view the whole Church from a distance and put together a program to train those whom God has called to the Fivefold Ministry from around the world. 

The GMRN Team

They were then joined by Craig and Colette Toach, and Wesley Snider and so was formed a team of three couples, making up an invincible group of leaders, who became the model of a true Apostolic Team. The launch of the GMRN Prophetic School opened the door for many who were called to the Prophetic Office to take their place as leaders in the Body of Christ.

This led naturally to the extension of training to the other fivefold ministries, and God began to bring in those who were called to the Apostolic Office. This led to the setting in place of a complete training mechanism for the Apostles of the End Times Church.

The Mandate

Once Les had completed his mandate to establish this training mechanism, which would change the face of the Body of Christ internationally, the GMRN Team ceased to function as a group but split into different ministries, and the Lord called Les to complete a larger mandate that was given to him many years ago. This mandate is reflected in the pages of this website, and you can read more about it under the heading of The Apostolic Network and the Revelation concerning the Church of the Future.